Family owned and operated for 54 years

Sara Sears - Social Work Supervisor, Tamara Miller - Administrator, Sandra Martin - Owner / Administrator



The Inside Guide to America's Nursing Homes, by Robert Bua, ranks Long View Nursing Home as

"the elite quality of care nursing home" and in "the top 15% of all nursing homes statewide."


Our mission is to provide individualized services in the highest standards of our profession and to meet the personal goals each individual resident.


Staff Longevity

Over 40% of our staff have been employed from 5 to 40 years.  This assists in our ability to maintain consistent staffing on all of our nursing units.

Quality Assurance Performance Improvement

An active quality assurance performance improvement committee consisting of the medical director, department managers and the Administrator, whose mission is to continuously assess the facility and focus on processes to improve the quality of care and quality of life for our residents.

Therapeutic Emphasis

A compliment of physical, occupational, and speech therapy are available to provide programs to restore resident functions. Each resident receives a comprehensive assessment coordinated by a team of professionals that support Long View's rehabilitation program. Beyond the services of skilled therapists, we offer a robust restorative nursing program with dedicated staff. They perform clinics to observe residents eating, seating/posture, and hand movement to determine needs.

Staff Education

The facility provides a minimum of 40 hours of continuing education to staff on a variety of subjects. Educational opportunities both on campus and at professional seminars are attended to ensure staff are well versed in current issues of rehabilitative and long term care. The Geriatric Nursing Assistant course is taught on the premises to ensure staff caring for your loved ones have been educated to the highest standards. Licensed nursing staff receive I.V. certification and annual C.P.R. certification.

Ownership is Management

The owner of Long View Nursing Home Sandra Martin and her daughter Tamara Miller are the administrators of Long View Nursing Home. Their presence is known throughout the facility and an open door policy makes them accessible. Over fifty-four years of ownership provides stable and knowledgeable leadership. 

Professional Pharmacy Services

A professional pharmacy specializing in long term care provides individual drug profile reviews, of resident drug profiles, pharmaceutical recommendations to the physician,  licensed nurse medication pass observation, and reviews of medication storage, disposal, and administration.